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Do you have what it takes to beat the Baus?

The year is 1885, the height of the Age of Steam in the United States of America. Something's not right however in the land of destiny and the free market:


Dirigibaus, a ruthless entrepreneur, has monopolized trade in the West with a fleet of airships! Dirigibles and zeppelins dot the skies as agents of an oppressive business regime

Someone still fights for the little people though. The venerable Tumbleweed Express Steam Engine, long-thought obsolete and scrapped, is set to saddle up and ride again.


The Tumbleweed is about to spearhead a logistics campaign meant to compete with the Dirigibaus, bringing support to those who have been downtrodden and forgotten. Dirigibaus doesn't take kindly to competition, however, so the Tumbleweed has armed herself for war...

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